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Welcome to the Citizen Uprising, a brand new blog site published for the purpose of creating a reliable centralized news source and thriving online community for the New American Independent Party/ Self Reliance Party citizen army, including it’s members, candidates, district leaders, coordinators, volunteers, supporters, members of the media and anyone seeking to know more about the New American Independent Party & the Self Reliance Party.

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  1. The AMA, ABA, API, etc, etc. Who are all these alaphabets? They are some of the most profilic hijackers of our political process. The money they give to our ‘representatives’ in Congress through lobbying, guarantees the status quo.

    And what is the status quo? Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s what’s been happening to our country for thirty years now. During election campaigns, politicians rail against corruption and cry out for election reform. However, once in power, they feel more comfortable about leaving things just-the-way-they-are. For example, look at the most glaring need of Americans right now – affordable health care. It should be a no-brainer to pass a bill to give Americans, quality, affordable health care. But, after closed door meetings with lobby groups for the AMA, HMO’s and the Pharmaceutical industries, all of a sudden, politicians start calling health care reform “Socialized Medicine”. By putting a socialist connotation on an important need of Americans, it waters down the political momentum for true reform of our health care system. Back to the status quo. Of course, the these lobbying groups don’t want to respond to the question of why people in other countries pay so much less for the same drugs that are made in the US than Americans do.

    Why has does this happen time after time? Because, metaphorically speaking, once politicians take the electorate “on a cheap date” during a campaign, they go back to their ‘spouse’ – the PAC’s who fund their campaigns so they can take us out for a burger and a movie while they fill us with promises of the future. After the election (and our date) is over, we wake up to find we been used as we see that nothing has has changed.

    And nothing will change until two things happen:
    A) We get rid of K-Street. Lobbyists and PAC’s shouldn’t have such unfettered access to law makers. It might be THEIR money that funds political campaigns but it’s OUR vote that puts the Senators and Congressmen in power. A vote should be worth more than a campaign donation because IT IS FREE.

    While we are at it, let’s change the laws where the revolving door between administration/elected officials and lobbyists is shut tight. The potential for – no, I’ll go on a limb and say EXISTENCE OF corruption is rampant. Just by looking at a, “Where Are They Now?” of former members of President George W. Bush administration, one could see many were hired by the same industries that were previously under their purview. It doesn’t take much imagination to see these people whispering in the President’s ear or looking the other way while giving industries carte blanche to do what they want to do. At the very least, there should be a five year moratorium after leaving public office for these people to get hired by companies in the same industry they had influence over.

    B)Campaign finance reform. Nothing less than publicly funded elections. Right now, our political offices essentially go to the highest bidder. It also ensures that those who are elected owe allegiance not so much to voters as they do to their contributors. This will also open the doors for people who would do a great job representing their constituency but do not have the financial resources to run a campaign. We want a level playing field so that ANY American who wants to run for office has the opportunity to take their case to the voters.

    When our Founding Fathers created the House of Representatives as part of the legislative branch of government they specifically intended for it to be the people’s house and those who are elected to it would come from the working class, not from the Who’s-Who of the American Bar Association. I’m not knocking lawyers as they are in an honorable profession and granted, there is an advantage to electing a law maker that is familiar with the law. However, the House should have a lot more representation from a wider swath of the working public.

    If America wants to continue to be the Land of Opportunity, we have to stop the cycle of dependency between law makers and lobbyists. It might take nothing short of a revolution to take our country back and once more, make government serve Main Street, not Wall Street. Perhaps then, we can have a truly representational government that knows OUR VOTE IS FREE.

    Comment by PAUL FIELDS | August 21, 2009 | Reply

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