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Hello All

I am glad to have the opportunity to participate here and am interested in getting to know who is here.
Being Fairly new to N.A.I.P. I still have homework to do.

A little about me, I was a manufacturing engineer for a large industrial controls company until 2008. I became very interested in ecological issues after moving to a remote area in Wisconsin in 2005, and found the levels of Nitrates in the water to be more than six and a half times the safe level to drink, (although not for a pregnant-nursing mother.) When I drank the water here, I woke in the night with terrible headaches and stroke symptoms.

My wife and I started thinking about bio-mass energy generation as an alternative to spraying waste on fields in sandy soil with a 20 foot water table. Much of the credit for my activism has to go to my wife Vicki, ( who is relentless in the pursuit of making things better and more efficient.

In 2008 as the “Green Rush” was on we opened a renewable energy company.We have been on a steady upward learning curve that at times was hard to deal with. There is so much opportunity for positive change and such a strong push downward to depression over the damage that is already done.

Through efficiency measures and renewable energy working with business and residential customers we have helped to reduce the use of many thousands of tons of fuels and pollutants.

It began to dawn on me that the magnitude of the problem with energy might be more than I had ever dreamed.

Boy was I ever in for a surprise! What I have learned has inspired me to spend the hours of my life working with solutions to the energy problems we have and the looming problems we are passing down to the next generations.

Eventually all of this led me back to Washington and the state house. Getting to know the personalities and truly start to understand some of the inner dynamics that drive the legislative process was an eye opening experience.

I have found waste fraud and abuse in our government and it sickens me, I have found people that are generally trying to do something for the better of all that sometimes gives me hope. I have found opinionated people that have great things to say and opinionated people that are saying things that can be proven to be false. Some of the things I like to write about are things that I have found with credible references and some background research.

I believe the American people are not that different in the vast majority, the extremists take center stage but there are large portions of our society, so much like large portions of other societies that realize that we, as a species, are floating on a rock around a sun that is perfectly positioned to keep us alive, if we screw this planet up it is going to be hard to find another one in the neighborhood.

I didn’t see any listings in For Sale By Owner or Century 21 regarding recently listed planets.


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  1. Welcome to you Dave. Thanks for contributing to this site.

    Comment by newamericanindependent | August 11, 2010 | Reply

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