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Roger Nichols becomes first to officially seek the 2012 NAIP nomination for President of the United States

updated 6/1/2011: Roger Nichols has withdrawn from the race for the 2012 Citizens Party Presidential nomination.

Roger Nichols of Missouri has become the first candidate to officially announce intentions to seek the 2012 New American Independent Party nomination for President of the United States of America. Nichols is the NAIP state chairman of Missouri.

Just a sample from the Roger Nichols for President campaign platform includes:

– Immigration Reform & Border Security
– Create Jobs & Help Small Business
– Reduce the Federal Deficit
– Cut Government Waste
– Bring Fiscal Discipline to Washington D.C.
– Improve Veteran Benefits
– Protect Gun Rights

This blog will post additional information about the Roger Nichols for President campaign and all other NAIP candidates as we proceed towards the 2012 elections. Over a dozen citizens have expressed an interest in seeking the NAIP Presidential nomination in 2012.


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  1. Platform 2012, Born in Independence Missouri:Native Kansas City Missouri.Degree of Theology:Reeves Christian College,Stockton,California.Family members served in WW1,WW11 and Korean War.Military Branch:Army,Air-Force,Marines.
    I’m an Ordained Minister since 1984(Non-Denomination Full Gospel)
    I have shephered several small churches, also had a Ministry with the elderly in nursing homes.Working as a c.n.a.and restorative aid while doing the Lords work.I decided to begin working at another love of mine-coaching sports:I coached football and basketball for several years. After much prayer while seeking the Lord calling. I have decided to run for President of the U.S.A.(Many are called but few chosen).That’s one reason I’m a Candidate for Presidency. We need a change and I can make a difference.I will work for you!.(Promises are are made to be broken)–I will not make Promises that’s why I’ve stated my (Do my Best List). Citizens,Senators and Governors of the United States of America.Today we are going threw changes and face uncertainty.Trust is a key that locks or unlock doors which address stability,security and action.Life gives Knowledge and Wisdom.(Stop,Look,Listens)together with ideas! at times we neglect to use as a tool for success.Citizens I’m asking for your trust!.Here’s my (Do My Best List).
    Immigration and Border Control:Immigration started long time ago to help people come to the U.S.A. to live a life of freedom.Freedom is a gift to share but some abuse the gift and come here illegally.This affects our safety,jobs and our rights.We need to control the borders.Laws are in place for a reason.Federal Government needs to help and support the states that have to deal with illegals and the states needs to work with the Federal Government.Working together things should go smoother.Race should never be a factor of this problem we all come from someplace.All citizens should have equall rights and rules for becoming such.
    Finance business and start-ups to help add jobs: U.S.A. owes 715 billion to china and other countries.Percentage of the stimulas package should have been used to develop new jobs and finance businesses.Likewise percentage should be used to pay on our deficit.This would be a step forward for our country.
    Downsize Government spending on non-productive programs:It’s time to take care of our country and our citizens,stop wasting your money.
    Military Veteran’s: Should have the same benefits as the government when it comes to health-care and support.
    Gun Rights:The Constitution guarantee the right to keep and bear arms I will look into the Laws concering this to see if the Law need to be modified.
    Stabilize Health-Care/Social Departments:The Governmemt should not make citizens buy insurance! That needs to be a choise you make.However insurance is important and necessary for all people. That don’t mean all can afford to purchase it.Medicare and Medicaid are needed but do need to be reformed so people who need help can have it.
    Abortion: I’am pro-life but sometimes there are special circumstance.So each issue should be looked at and handled with respect and humility to all human life.
    Constitution:Was created by our founding fathers laws that protect our citizens rights and freedom.The Government needs to stand by the words written!
    (There will be more information to come)
    God Bless America!

    Comment by roger.e.nichols | August 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. A new day starts everyday,the heart leads & direct to the truth, God Bless! America!

    Comment by roger.e.nichols | February 10, 2011 | Reply

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