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Mark Graham announces intention to claim 2012 NAIP Presidential nomination

Mark Graham of Florida has officially announce intentions to seek the 2012 New American Independent Party nomination for President of the United States of America. Graham is a New American Independent Party of Florida state committee member.

This blog will post additional information about the Mark Graham for President campaign and all other NAIP candidates as we proceed towards the 2012 elections. Over a dozen citizens have expressed an interest in seeking the NAIP Presidential nomination in 2012.


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Jana Kemp excluded from Candidate forum

Jana Kemp, independent candidate for Governor of Idaho is being left out of an upcoming September debate being held by the City Club of Boise. The City Club of Boise only invited two candidates, the Democratic and Republican candidates for Governor. This is despite the fact that Jana Kemp was the first candidate to qualify for the general election ballot.

The New American Independent Party has endorsed Jana Kemp and we urge the City Club of Boise to include Jana Kemp in their September 15th candidate forum. We also urge NAIP members nationwide to contact the City Club of Boise and let them know that you are disappointed in their decision to exclude Jana Kemp from the candidate forum. Urge them to include Jana Kemp.

City Club of Boise
PO Box 6521
Boise, ID 83707
Phone: 208.371.2221
Fax: 208.321.4819

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