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Updated 2012 Citizens Party Presidential Candidate List

2012 Citizens Party Presidential Candidate List as of 6/2/2011


Already Announced/ Very Likely to Announce Soon:

Mark Graham (West Virginia)

Keith John Ferguson (Minnesota)

Charles Earl Harvey (North Carolina)

Max Rieske (Michigan)


Somewhat Likely to Seek Citizens Party Nomination Soon

Frank McEnulty (California)

Gary Rostad (California)


Draft Candidates

8+ Likely Draft Candidates*

*We will post the list of potential draft candidates in future Candidate List updates.


Dropped Out of Race for Citizens Party Nomination

Roger Nichols (Missouri)



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Roger Nichols becomes first to officially seek the 2012 NAIP nomination for President of the United States

updated 6/1/2011: Roger Nichols has withdrawn from the race for the 2012 Citizens Party Presidential nomination.

Roger Nichols of Missouri has become the first candidate to officially announce intentions to seek the 2012 New American Independent Party nomination for President of the United States of America. Nichols is the NAIP state chairman of Missouri.

Just a sample from the Roger Nichols for President campaign platform includes:

– Immigration Reform & Border Security
– Create Jobs & Help Small Business
– Reduce the Federal Deficit
– Cut Government Waste
– Bring Fiscal Discipline to Washington D.C.
– Improve Veteran Benefits
– Protect Gun Rights

This blog will post additional information about the Roger Nichols for President campaign and all other NAIP candidates as we proceed towards the 2012 elections. Over a dozen citizens have expressed an interest in seeking the NAIP Presidential nomination in 2012.

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