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Citizens Party launches a Status blog

The Citizens Party has launched a status blog to serve as a place for members, supporters and visitors to get more information about any website problems at or one of our other main websites.

When is down or not working correctly, go to our new status blog to get an update on the problem and when you can expect the problem to be corrected. Since launching the status blog, we have not had any problems at When things are running smoothly, you will see very little posted on our status blog. Here is the url for our status blog:



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Hello All

I am glad to have the opportunity to participate here and am interested in getting to know who is here.
Being Fairly new to N.A.I.P. I still have homework to do.

A little about me, I was a manufacturing engineer for a large industrial controls company until 2008. I became very interested in ecological issues after moving to a remote area in Wisconsin in 2005, and found the levels of Nitrates in the water to be more than six and a half times the safe level to drink, (although not for a pregnant-nursing mother.) When I drank the water here, I woke in the night with terrible headaches and stroke symptoms.

My wife and I started thinking about bio-mass energy generation as an alternative to spraying waste on fields in sandy soil with a 20 foot water table. Much of the credit for my activism has to go to my wife Vicki, ( who is relentless in the pursuit of making things better and more efficient.

In 2008 as the “Green Rush” was on we opened a renewable energy company.We have been on a steady upward learning curve that at times was hard to deal with. There is so much opportunity for positive change and such a strong push downward to depression over the damage that is already done.

Through efficiency measures and renewable energy working with business and residential customers we have helped to reduce the use of many thousands of tons of fuels and pollutants.

It began to dawn on me that the magnitude of the problem with energy might be more than I had ever dreamed.

Boy was I ever in for a surprise! What I have learned has inspired me to spend the hours of my life working with solutions to the energy problems we have and the looming problems we are passing down to the next generations.

Eventually all of this led me back to Washington and the state house. Getting to know the personalities and truly start to understand some of the inner dynamics that drive the legislative process was an eye opening experience.

I have found waste fraud and abuse in our government and it sickens me, I have found people that are generally trying to do something for the better of all that sometimes gives me hope. I have found opinionated people that have great things to say and opinionated people that are saying things that can be proven to be false. Some of the things I like to write about are things that I have found with credible references and some background research.

I believe the American people are not that different in the vast majority, the extremists take center stage but there are large portions of our society, so much like large portions of other societies that realize that we, as a species, are floating on a rock around a sun that is perfectly positioned to keep us alive, if we screw this planet up it is going to be hard to find another one in the neighborhood.

I didn’t see any listings in For Sale By Owner or Century 21 regarding recently listed planets.

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Dawn Stensland Isn’t Running for Congress

By Larry Mendte
The Philly Post

An angry electorate is shaking things up across the country. Fed up with an ever growing government that cannot control its own spending, voters are ignoring the endorsements of political leaders, pundits and parties and choosing candidates who promise to change business as usual in Washington. Read entire article.

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NAIP Presentation & Info. session tonight in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Upcoming NAIP Presentation & Information Session in New Hampshire

January 27, 2010
Portsmouth Public Library
Portsmouth, NH

Presentation by Steven Borne, NH District #1 Leader

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Citizen Uprising is now on Twitter!

The Citizen Uprising is now on twitter. Please follow Citizen Uprising on twitter.

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Should NAIP Adopt Term Limits into its Issues Platform?

There are many good arguments to be made by those who support legislated term limits for Congress persons, and even Judges. Judge’s term limits are a whole other ball of wax from Congressional, and will be left for another time. Let’s cut to the chase on the Term Limits issue for Congress.

There are two facts about Congressional term limits which its supporters don’t address and can’t get past.

First is the simple fact that Congress would have to legislate their own term limits. There may be a handful of persons in Congress, who pay lip service to the notion, but, I know of none who can convince me they would vote for it, if their vote was to be the deciding vote.

Second, to ask a political party to adopt term limits will, in all likelihood, lead to their own elected party members turning against their Party on this issue, using the same argument the Democratic and Republican Parties use very convincingly. That argument is: A party can’t represent its voting membership if it is voting its own elected officials out of offices for the sake ofterm limits. A good politician is hard to find, and it makes no sense to boot a rare good one out on general principle. Term limits are to a political party what a gun is to a suicidal person: self-defeating.

To elaborate, legislated term limits are a poor substitute for the original intent of the public’s vote referred to as universal suffrage. Our Colonialists overthrew a King whose reign relied on bloodline and was for life. Many of our founders understood that those in power will elect to keep themselves in power, in perpetuity, thus negating the very idea of a vote for the purposes of “re-election”. Our founders understood that the power of the vote was in its ability to REMOVE figures from power when the voters deemed such action warranted. No vote was needed to keep King George in power over the Colonies.

Term Limits, if they are to mean anything, must spring from the evaluation of the voters of their representative and voting accordingly. Anything less than this original intent and design of the vote, is a very poor substitute. And that is precisely, what legislated Term Limits are, a poor substitute for voters taking the responsibility for the outcome of Congress with their elected representatives in it.

The logic is inescapable. If voters don’t like the results of Congress, it means one of three things about their own elected representative. Either their Congress person is a proponent of the actions of Congress which the voter disapproves of, or, their representative is ineffective in changing the Congress. In either case, if voters disapprove of Congressional results, they have an obligation to exercise their vote to remove their representative who is either part of the problem, or ineffective in correcting it.

A political party which is considering adoption of Term Limits into its platform, as the New American Independent Party is, would do better to consider ways of influencing their followers and other voters to hold their representatives accountable on election day, rather than seek legislated term limits, which would force out those representatives, which voters highly approve of, along with those they don’t.

There is no substitute for voter responsibility or, the ability to respond appropriately, on election days. Democracy depends directly upon an informed electorate capable and willing to replace their own representatives when the results of their government disappoint.

This is, of course, only one person’s position and arguments on the term limits’ issue. The decision of the NAIP leadership to engage their members and followers on this issue is a wise and reasoned course. The Party must reflect the best interests of its followers, but, also the nation. A Party that acquires power in government, must lead for the benefit of all, not just its supporters. This is not a simple issue topic. I commend NAIP for engaging its supporters on the topic before deciding whether legally mandated term limits will, in fact, be in the best interest of its supporters and our nation.

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Blog for Citizen Uprising

Welcome to our newest blog site. We will be making improvements as we move along.

We would like to have 3-5 more bloggers join our team. How about you?

You can blog about the NAIP/SRP, our candidates, the issues of the day, ballot access or the lousy job that the two corporate owned parties are doing.

Send us your name, alittle about yourself, why you want to write for the Citizen Uprising and the link to any blogs or websites that you already blog/post at. Send all of this to:
action @

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Welcome to Citizen Uprising

Welcome to the Citizen Uprising, a brand new blog site published for the purpose of creating a reliable centralized news source and thriving online community for the New American Independent Party/ Self Reliance Party citizen army, including it’s members, candidates, district leaders, coordinators, volunteers, supporters, members of the media and anyone seeking to know more about the New American Independent Party & the Self Reliance Party.

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