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District Leader sign-ups to begin today!

We are organizing the New American Independent Party grassroots leaders by Congressional District so we can ultimately be better prepared to take action locally and to be in a better position to recruit and run an Army of citizen candidates for federal office and fill Presidential elector positions in 2012.

Role / Duties of District Leaders

*Be a resource for NAIP candidates in your district

*Be the point of contact (or designate someone else to be) for the official Congressional District group page on

*Work with other NAIP members in your Congressional District to sign up 500 new members.

*Host/ Plan meet-ups and other events with other members in your Congressional District to discuss ways to grow the party, recruit candidates and win elections.

*Get an op-ed or letter to the editor placed in your local newspaper telling everyone why you support the NAIP and why they should too.

*No fundraising duties required.

Sign up as a District Leader and get 150 member points!

If you are interested in being a District Leader for your Congressional District, email us at:

Please include your name, state and Congressional District (if you know it) in the body of your email. If you do not know your Congressional district number send us your zip code including the extra four digits. 00000 + 0000. Check for your full zip code on the envelope of your bills (electric or phone bill).


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